Free Shipping Both Ways (365 days return policy!)
"...It means I can order several widths to try at home (365 days).
Keep those I like and return the others for free...
I even don't have to pay for the return shipping..."

Grace M, one wide feet woman.

Good Advice for ordering Wide Sandals:

Try the Sandals at Home!

Thanks to the Free Return Shipping (with 365 days return policy!), people don't need to wonder from store to store anymore to look for the right width.

Today, you can order online several sandal widths, sizes, colors and designs.

Try them all at home at your own convenience, keep what you like and return the rest.

All of the shops, actually comes to your front door.

Another important tip: Most of the comfortable wide sandals are available only online! (the convenience of online shopping made manufacturers and networks focus their efforts in online catalogs only).

Personally, I never bound myself to the limited collection of local stores.

I rather browse online and choose among thousands of sandals, all widths, all styles.

When I see what I like, I make sure the store has a long enough return policy (a month or two are more than enough) and of course free shipping both ways. Only then, I order.

What's good about the free return shipping is that I can order also those pairs I wasn't sure about!

Simply because I can try them (and let others see me with them). If I don't like them, I can return them for free. If I do like them after all (i.e. I'm Looking Good!), well, I'm glad I ordered them...

Grace M.,

A Wide Feet Woman :)

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